The “Vote for David” Campaign was born out of desperation.  As a new copywriter, my resume did not contain the 3-5 years of experience most positions called for.  When the perfect internship opportunity arose, so did my plan for world domination. I had to literally jump off the page and meet my next employer face to face.

This is how I came to send a box of t-shirts to the executive creative director of HackerAgency - a global direct marketing firm – with my face on them!  Not only did I get the internship, I didn’t even have to interview.  One month later, my mug went from a t-shirt to the front page of the agency’s new website (in the light blue shirt). 

The items listed here include the website, the shirt, a political campaign letter to explain my gesture, and my introduction picture on the HackerAgency Facebook page.

Check out the shirt and letter